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Steel Roofing Benefits

Premier Steel Roofing Improves the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

Through its unique design including a built-in airspace as a thermal break, KasselWood not only protects your home but keeps it cooler in warm temperatures as well. Additional savings can be realized by installing KasselWood over your existing shingles. The results are lower energy costs and a more comfortable home.

KasselWood Steel Roofing Stands Up to Fire, Wind and Hail

KasselWood has been subjected to rigorous third party testing to ensure that you receive a roof that stands up to its claims.  Underwriters Laboratories’ has given KasselWood the highest ratings in fire resistance, wind uplift and hail penetration.

  • Class “A” Fire Rating (UL790) Provides secure protection for you, your home and your belongings.
  • Class “90” Wind Uplift Resistance Rating (UL580) Warranted to withstand hurricane strength winds of up to 120 mph.
  • Class “IV Hail Impact Resistance Rating (UL2218) In order to simulate the velocity and destruction of hail, a two-inch diameter steel ball is dropped from 20 feet in the air onto a roofing sample.  The simulation does not penetrate or otherwise tear through the steel, giving it the highest hail impact rating possible.

A Long Lasting Roof That Pays for Itself Over Time

Common asphalt and fiberglass shingles begin to deteriorate the instant they are installed.  The home’s beauty and security is quickly compromised by unsightly streaking and curling.   A home’s interior is at risk to high heat, water damage and the elements since asphalt shingles begin to lose their granules and inferior protective quality while the roof is only days old.  “Thirty year shingles” seldom last past twelve to fifteen all the while keeping your cooling costs high and your home unattractive.

KasselWood shingles are designed for longevity.   While other materials last only a few years, KasselWood Premier Steel Roofing is designed to last.

KasselWood’s Beauty and Strength Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our Lifetime/40-Year Transferable Limited Warranty serves as your reminder of the product’s protection.  Unlike many other roofing warranties, the KasselWood warranty transfers to all future owners during the first 40 years after installation, is not pro-rated, and provides not only replacement materials but also replacement labor should a warranted failure occur.

Every single shingle; beautiful, strong and warranted.

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