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Problems w/ Other Roofs

Disadvantages of Various Types of Roofing Materials



Composition Asphalt Shingles


Relatively Short Life Span (7-12 Years)

·                     Worthless Warranties
Video about the warranty issues with asphalt roofing
·                     Scars Easily When Hot

·                     Subject to Mildew and Moss

·                     Environmentally Unfriendly

·                     High Heating and Cooling Costs

·                     Easily Damaged by Wind and Hail

·                     Flammable




Wood Shingles or Shakes



·                    Relatively Short Life Span (15 Years or Less)

·                    Requires Professional Installation

·                    High Maintenance

·                    Tends to Rot, Split, Mold, and Mildew

·                    Tend to Shrink As They Age Forming Gaps

·                    Attracts Ants, Silverfish, and Even Snakes

·                    Poor Fire Rating Unless Pressure Treated Which Costs More

·                    Potentially Higher Insurance Costs




Tile (Clay or Tile)



·              Heavy

·              Requires Structural Modifications

·              Installation and Repairs Can Be Tricky

·              Fragile; Walking on Roof May Break Tiles







·                Very Expensive

·              Roof Needs to be Reinforced

·              Requires Specialized Installation

·              VERY Heavy

·              Fragile (Very Difficult to Walk on Without Cracking)

·              High Maintenance

·              Tends to Slightly Change Color Over Time




Engineered Rubber or Composite


·         Smells Like Burning Rubber When Heated By Sun

·              Can Be Fragile When Temperature Drops

·              Lots of Chemicals are Used To Make Them

·              Flammable

·              High Installation Prices Due to Newness of Product
·        Sections Fade Inconsistently











Disadvantages of Metal Roofing


·              Higher Initial Cost Than Some Other Materials (Much Better Value Over Life of Roof)

·              Requires Talented Installation Crew

·              Causes Neighbors to Be Jealous!!!